Aluminum Blister Foil

Sourced from the Top Manufacturers in the world, Dynamic Group imports Raw Aluminum Foil and performs all coatings at International Standards In-house. This equipped us with greater variety and options to cater our customer needs.


  • Offers a barrier of water & oxygen allowing an extended product expiry date.
  • Wide Range of Customized and Consistent high quality printing.
  • High Quality foil for the better and improved results.
  • Excellent Printing Quality INTERNATIONAL Standards HSL application for best sealing and longer shelf lives.
  •  Best possible protection against moisture damage, oxidation and UV degradation.


  • Suitable for Primary Pharmaceutical product packaging such as Tablets & Capsules, FMCG products like Gums & Lozenges.
  • To resolve number of issues including preservation, freshness and safety of dairy products also for food packaging such as Chocolates & Cheese wrappings.